MRV Community Dashboard

The Mad River Valley Community Dashboard (originally the "MRV Community Indicators Project") is a new initiative of the MRV Planning District launched in summer 2020. The project aims to incorporate community voices and vision to help answer the question, "How is the Mad River Valley doing?".

You can find an overview of the project proposal below. For more information, contact or click here to view the Advisory Committee agendas and minutes.

For a PDF summary of the project, please click here.


The Mad River Valley Community Dashboard is a community and data-driven project to track progress toward social, economic, and environmental wellbeing and resilience through shared goals and indicators.


  • To build community resilience and support the ability of the MRV to work together toward its shared vision.
  • To improve MRVPD’s existing work in providing community members and decision-makers with relevant, up-to-date information.


  • Identify indicators that measure shared goals.
  • Increase accessibility & usability of data through an online dashboard and other communication strategies.


  • Strengthened relationships & communication networks.
  • Data-informed tools to track progress toward shared goals and provide a measure of accountability.