MRVPD works with community groups, non-profits, and government agencies to “provide access to safe, affordable and energy efficient housing for current and prospective residents” (MRV Vision Statement).

We engage in efforts to analyze housing assets and needs, while providing planning assistance and resources to achieve community goals. Lack of access to affordable housing has been a growing challenge in the Mad River Valley for many years. Affordable and well-located housing brings a number of critical community benefits, including building social capital and economic development.

Mad River Valley Housing Coalition

A partner organization of the MRVPD, the Mad River Valley Housing Coalition (MRV HC), employs data and works to guide and aid community-driven housing initiatives in the Mad River Valley.

Recent Projects

In 2017, the MRVPD updated the 2006 MRV Housing Study, which has been used to guide housing development strategy in the Mad River Valley. See an overview of the 2017 MRV Housing Study here.

The 2017 MRV Housing Study provides an understanding of our current housing situation and needs, while guiding a multifaceted approach to increase affordable housing to support future economic growth and ensure long-term viability in the Mad River Valley.

An updated housing demand and market analysis report will be released in early 2020.

Initiatives & Partnerships

Housing Resources

Visit the Housing Resources page for Mad River Valley and Vermont specific housing resources.