Vision Statement

Mad River Valley Vision Statement
December 2015

The Mad River Valley is an innovative, vibrant, connected and caring community honoring its past, celebrating its landscape and actively pursuing its potential.

Our vision is to...

  • Be a welcoming community that builds a healthy and sustainable environment.
  • Support the historic settlement pattern of vibrant villages surrounded by rural countryside.
  • Identify and promote the Valley’s historic and cultural heritage.
  • Promote and maintain a diverse economy that supports existing businesses and attracts new ones.
  • Enhance the Valley’s year-round recreational opportunities.
  • Invest in a safe, environmentally friendly, efficient, and integrated transportation network.
  • Provide access to safe, affordable and energy efficient housing for current and prospective residents.
  • Steward and sustainably use the Valley’s natural resources and environmental quality for the benefit of future generations.

Developed with the community through a participatory process, the Valley-wide Vision Statement draws from each of the Town Plans, historic visioning processes, in-depth research and data, and direct input from residents to genuinely reflect the values and priorities of the MRV,.

It was formally presented along with a Draft Economic Action Plan at the 2015 MRV Economic Summit.