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Below is an ongoing collection of documents and reports pertinent to MRVPD.

MRVPD Structure

Valley Data

MRV Hill Farm Research Project


MRV Affordable Land Initiative

MRV Energy Series Presentations

Local Energy History & the Foundation for our Energy Future | 9/12/11

Residential & Community Solar | 9/20/11

Financing Energy Projects & VT’s Energy Plan | 10/24/11

Biomass | 11/15/11

Conservation, Weatherization & Efficiency | 12/13/11

It’s a Mad River: A Look at Flooding in the MRV & the Evolution of River Management | 11/10/11

Vermont Downtown Action Team (V-DAT)

MRV – UVM Service Learning Course (CDAE 295 Local Community Initiatives)

Fall 2009

Fall 2011