The 2021 Mad River Valley Wellbeing Survey is being shared to provide our community with a deeper understanding of how the MRV’s people, environment, and local economy are doing.

In what ways are we thriving, or struggling? Where can we improve? How does wellbeing in the MRV compare to the rest of Vermont?

This survey is being conducted by the Mad River Valley Planning District (MRVPD) with support from the MRV Community Dashboard Advisory Committee as part of the MRV Community Dashboard project. The MRV Community Dashboard is an initiative of the MRVPD launched in summer 2020 with the purpose of improving overall wellbeing and resilience in the MRV. By enhancing and expanding the MRVPD's annual MRV Data Report, the goal is to better support the ability of community members and decision-makers to access, interpret and incorporate relevant local data. 

To learn more about the MRV Community Dashboard, visit the project site here.

The MRV Wellbeing Survey opened on April 7th and closed on May 2nd, 2021.

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