Mad River Valley FLO (For Local Opportunities)

The Mad River Valley Planning District (MRVPD) in February 2018 formed a subcommittee in partnership with the Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce to review many of the past studies and strategic plans done on community development and economic vitality for common themes and recommendations.  The charge to the committee was to develop a recommendation back to the respective boards with the intention of submitting to the three town’s selectboards, then to the public for input, and then possible implementation. The MRVPD is sharing the information developed by this committee, known as the MRV FLO Committee (For Local Opportunities).

During its review of the numerous studies and recommendations made over the last 20 years, the committee found many common threads and challenges.  The committee has suggested bold areas of investment to be leveraged towards addressing some of the challenges revealed in the analysis of the study material.  It has also made a suggestion on how to fund the investments via a local option tax and a suggested a structure on how to manage making the possible investments.

The public is encouraged to review the material included here and submit your input to the committee members.  All meetings of this subcommittee are open to the public. There will be multiple public meetings to share these suggestions and invite feedback.  The final document will be the result of such public input and any proposal will be put before the voters of the three towns via an Australian ballot.

Please direct feedback and questions to FLOfeedback@mrvpd.org

MRV FLO Documents:

Members of the MRV FLO committee are:

Jared Cadwell, Chair MRV FLO Sub-committee, Chair Fayston Selectboard, Secretary/Treasurer MRVPD

Donald Simonini, Fayston Planning Commission, MRVPD Steering Committee

Peter MacLaren, Chair MRVCC, MRVPD Steering Committee

Darryl Forrest, Waitsfield Selectboard

Jasmine Bigelow, Executive Director MRVCC

Bob Ackland, Vice Chair Warren Selectboard, Chair MRVPD