The network of trails and paths throughout the Mad River Valley help to make up the very fabric of the community. The interactive trail map below was developed as part of the MRV Unified Trailhead Kiosk & Mapping Project managed by MRVPD. The MRV-specific information was developed and coordinated across the Project’s three deliverables: 50 Unified Trailhead Kiosks (completed in 2020), Map Adventure’s waterproof MRV Trail Map (May 2019 Edition), and Trail Finder's digital trail map, below (released April 2020).


Click the "sign post" icon at the bottom left to see the trail segments

Zoom in with the + and - icons on the right to explore trail segments

Click on the pins to see more info on each segment, and click the trail name to open a new window on the Trail Finder website

Thanks to Trail Finder for sharing this map!
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