Waitsfield In-Street Crosswalk Signage Pilot Project Final Report

MRVPD led a pedestrian safety effort in the summer of 2021 focused on increased pedestrian safety within Waitsfield Village & Irasville. The In-Street Crosswalk Signage Pilot Project served as a way to both improve pedestrian safety in the short-term and gather community feedback to inform future decisions. The project consisted of three temporary in-road crosswalk signs on Main Street, as well as a project survey for the collection of community feedback.

Key findings:

  • In-street crosswalk signs were effective at making walkers and drivers feel safer, as revealed by the community feedback survey.
  • Residents support additional pedestrian safety interventions, though have different ideas about critical locations and potential solutions.
  • In-street crosswalk signs are not a silver bullet.

Check out the Waitsfield Crosswalk Sign Pilot Project_Final Report for more detail!