Cover of the MRV Annual Data Report

The 2023 MRV Data Report is Here!

After months of collection, calculation, and analysis, the 2023 Mad River Valley Annual Data Report is here!

Each year, the Mad River Valley Planning District (MRVPD) collects, analyzes, and shares data pertaining to various community indicators for community use and planning purposes. The effort is focused on helping the community understand how it is doing, identifying what areas can be improved upon, and ultimately enable data-informed decisions that affect the future.

The 2023 MRV Data Report focuses on trends relating to population, housing, economics, the environment, town infrastructure, and much more. Within each section, the report explores the long-term changes that have occurred and provides an opportunity to reflect on what these changes may mean for our community.

MRVPD’s last full data report was in 2019, at which time the organization doubled its efforts and created the MRV Community Dashboard as an online tool for accessing data. In 2023, MRVPD have developed both a full printed data report as well as an updated version of the MRV Community Dashboard. Both the 2023 MRV Data Report and MRV Community Dashboard can be found at

If you have any questions regarding the report, feel free to reach out to [email protected].