2022 – ’23 Mad Bus End-of-Season Report

2022 – ’23 Mad Bus End of Season Report

Green Mountain Transit (GMT) recently published its end-of-season report for the 2022 – ’23 seasonal service of the Mad River Valley Mad Bus. In its most recent data report, GMT highlights ridership trends and provides a bit of background regarding the history of the Mad Bus.

Did you know that the Mad Bus had over 47,000 rides in the 2022 – ’23 season? That averages out to 459 daily riders! This and more are detailed in Green Mountain Transit’s informative 2022 – ’23 MRV Season Report.

In other news, local partners are currently working with Green Mountain Transit to finalize planning for the upcoming Mad Bus season. A final schedule for the 2023 – ’24 Mad Bus seasonal service has yet to be published, but will be found on GMT’s Schedules page once finalized!